Victoria to Calgary in a LEAF

I recently completed an EV road trip from Victoria to Calgary. It was an amazing trip, utilizing exclusively public charging infrastructure (including a continuous network of 7 fast charging stations in BC, making the first half of the trip very quick!) and some absolutely stunning scenery. The route passed through four national parks (Mount Revelstoke, Glacier, Yoho, and Banff).

Here is a brief summary infographic from the trip, and a couple of photos. Much more to come!


At Swartz Bay ferry terminal.
It was a wet morning leaving Merritt!
Arrival in beautiful Revelstoke.
Anticipation for going from Revelstoke to Golden, over Rogers Pass.
Made it to Rogers Pass (with more charge than predicted)!
Arrival in Banff.
Yeehaw, Calgary!

8 thoughts on “Victoria to Calgary in a LEAF”

  1. Hi there, do you have any details of where you charged en route? We’re trying to plan a trip in our 30kW Leaf from Vernon to Canmore, but we can’t seem to find any info on where to charge after Revelstoke. Thanks!


    1. Hi Louise. Apologies for the delayed response. The short answer is… I didn’t charge until I arrived in Golden. There is a planned DCFC and L2 at Rogers Pass Visitor Centre (see which should be installed within the next 2 years. Other options right now include trickle charging at Canyon Hot Springs Resort and Heather Mountain Lodge. It’s advised to call both before you plan to arrive. See more info here:


  2. Hi Rebecca…..considering the same journey from Salt Spring….same colour LEAF as yours…a 2013S wit QC….I’ve had it since last November What stretches did you have to really conserve energy and where did you overnight….I see it took 2 days….great info graphic btw


  3. Rebecca I’m looking at the same trip from Vancouver to Calgary in a Leaf, the only are that concerns me is Revelstoke to Golden. Am I to understand you did that leg without a charge in between, Google Maps tells me it 148KM. Id hate to go dead there.


    1. Yes, I did Revelstoke to Golden without stopping to charge. I did a big write up on facebook here on how I did it (and the three charging options I identified for emergency charging in between): There are plans to add charging infrastructure in between (e.g., so hopefully by next year that beautiful stretch will be much more comfortable to explore by all EVs!


  4. I travel very regularly from Vancouver Island to Calgary and the distance has been my biggest roadblock to getting an EV. But with the additions of new fast chargers and extended range of the 2018 Leaf or the Chev Bolt the trip is even easier. Things are looking up for my January 2019’ish planned purchase.


    1. Yes, more and more fast chargers coming all the time, and more and more makes and models and increased range in EVs. Did you see that Rogers Pass Visitor Centre is slated to get a fast charger next year? That will make the Revelstoke – Golden stretch much easier in an EV. See:

      Glad to hear you’re planning on a purchase soon!

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      1. The Rogers Pass spot is also a great location as I could charge the car as I get prepped for any of the many awesome hikes in the area. Right now my initial thought is January 2019, I’m doing the math on when the maintenance, oil changes and fuel become more costly than owning an EV


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