Vancouver-Prince George-Bear Lake and back – Teaser

I made it home to Vancouver last night from a nearly 2100 km journey to Prince George in my Nissan LEAF, which included a day trip to Bear Lake (Crooked River Provincial Park), 75 km north of PG, my northernmost point. It was a fantastic trip!

At Bear Lake, 855 km north of my home in East Vancouver (and 75 km north of Prince George).


  • 2097 km: total trip distance (835 km to PG via Fraser Canyon; 929 km back to Vancouver via Coquihalla; rest driving around PG area)
  • 9: charging sessions each direction (Vancouver-Prince George)
  • 164 km: longest trip on a single charge (with 15% remaining! was to/from Bear Lake)
  • 231 km: highest guess-o-meter reading (after descending Coquihalla Kamloops-Merritt)
  • 2: number of key communities without formal EV charging infrastructure that would’ve made this trip a breeze (100 Mile House and Quesnel)
  • many: number of people I chatted with en route or in PG who drive EVs or want to, and would like to see more charging options in the Cariboo/North (see point above)
  • ELATION: feeling after arriving at DC Fast Charger in Kamloops after having driven over 1700 km using Level 2 charging

It was an EVenture, as anticipated. No Level 1/trickle charging was required, there were no close calls with running out of range, but the biggest story from this trip is that infrastructure in the Cariboo/northern BC needs improvement (and literally the addition of only two stations would’ve made this trip relatively straightforward – 100 Mile House and Quesnel). I also want to convey that I met lots of people along the way and in PG who own EVs or are interested in them – this is not just a south coast phenomenon!

Full write ups on the trip up, the Emotive booth I hosted at the Prince George Farmers’ Market, and trip back coming soon!


4 thoughts on “Vancouver-Prince George-Bear Lake and back – Teaser”

  1. Dear Rebecca:
    Congratulations on your electric Nissan Leaf! I suspect there are many people in B.C.
    (including readers of the B.C.SEA newslist) who look forward to more details of your
    lengthy trip to Prince George and back – available charge points, time to charge, etc.
    A local home care worker purchased a new Leaf in June/July – AFAIK – that’s the first
    EV in the Smithers area. I will continue to encourage a Town charge point when I attend
    our Council meetings. If/when you post your details, I will be pleased to share that with
    other BCSEA readers and our Town Council. Sincerely, Ingo Oevermann, Smithers, B.C.


    1. Thanks for your note, Ingo! I will indeed be posting the full story – time has been short over the summer, but I’m hoping to get to the full write-up soon. I would be delighted if you could use it to encourage Smithers to host a station; if there’s more information you need from me to support your case, please let me know. I will be encouraging at least two other communities to host a charger as well, based on this trip (100 Mile House and Quesnel). Stay tuned… Rebecca


      1. I know the billy barker hotel has a level 2 charger in quesnel, but I agree that charger access is VERY limited up here. There are a few chargers but not enough. I think the province needs to work with a BIG company (ie Tim Hortons) to bring more chargers in and give people a place to goad do something. Hope you enjoyed your trip here to PG, and hopefully we will get more chargers in place.


      2. There is now an L2 in Quesnel as you’ve noted (which is great, but it would be good to have a number greater than 1), but they certainly did not when I did the trip, which made it challenging.


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