Vancouver-Prince George-Bear Lake and back – Teaser

I made it home to Vancouver last night from a nearly 2100 km journey to Prince George in my Nissan LEAF, which included a day trip to Bear Lake (Crooked River Provincial Park), 75 km north of PG, my northernmost point. It was a fantastic trip!

At Bear Lake, 855 km north of my home in East Vancouver (and 75 km north of Prince George).


  • 2097 km: total trip distance (835 km to PG via Fraser Canyon; 929 km back to Vancouver via Coquihalla; rest driving around PG area)
  • 9: charging sessions each direction (Vancouver-Prince George)
  • 164 km: longest trip on a single charge (with 15% remaining! was to/from Bear Lake)
  • 231 km: highest guess-o-meter reading (after descending Coquihalla Kamloops-Merritt)
  • 2: number of key communities without formal EV charging infrastructure that would’ve made this trip a breeze (100 Mile House and Quesnel)
  • many: number of people I chatted with en route or in PG who drive EVs or want to, and would like to see more charging options in the Cariboo/North (see point above)
  • ELATION: feeling after arriving at DC Fast Charger in Kamloops after having driven over 1700 km using Level 2 charging

It was an EVenture, as anticipated. No Level 1/trickle charging was required, there were no close calls with running out of range, but the biggest story from this trip is that infrastructure in the Cariboo/northern BC needs improvement (and literally the addition of only two stations would’ve made this trip relatively straightforward – 100 Mile House and Quesnel). I also want to convey that I met lots of people along the way and in PG who own EVs or are interested in them – this is not just a south coast phenomenon!

Full write ups on the trip up, the Emotive booth I hosted at the Prince George Farmers’ Market, and trip back coming soon!