Vancouver to Prince George EV Road Trip

I am starting a Vancouver to Prince George EV road trip today (Tuesday, July 28). I am starting by leaving home in Vancouver in the morning, working in Chilliwack during the day (and early evening for a meeting) and continuing on my way. Here is my projected route, with an expected arrival in PG Wednesday evening. Follow me on facebook or twitter to see where I am. After arrival, I will post about the actual route and how it went. I can’t wait!

This is my rough EV trip plan  for Vancouver to Prince George. I have or will be contacting all non-formal charging opportunities (RV parks, welding shops, etc) to verify that I can charge there, and determine opening hours and charge rates ($). Successful locations, with permission from the owner, will be posted on plugshare afterward.

Start Stop Distance Estimated SOC on arrival Estimated SOC on leaving Estimated charging time Where to charge
Vancouver Chilliwack 100 km 25% 100% ~3 hours, but will be there all day at work! FVRD Office
Chilliwack Hope 53 km 60% 90% ~1h Downtown Hope charger
Hope Boston Bar 65 km 45% 70% ~1h Boston Bar charger
Boston Bar Lytton 45 km 40% 70% ~1h Rest Inn (plugshare)
Lytton Cache Creek 83 km 5% 100% overnight stay Sage Hills Motel (plugshare)
Cache Creek Clinton 40 km 65% 85% ~0.5h Jim Walch Repairs


Gold Trail RV Park (plugshare)

Clinton 100 Mile House 73 km 30% 100% ~2.5h Cariboo Truck Repair


potentially RV park in Lac La Hache (need to confirm)

100 Mile House Williams Lake 92 km 30% 100% 2.5h TRU charger
Williams Lake Quesnel 118 km 20% 100% 3h Either parents of a contact or welding shop – need to confirm
Back up: McLeese Lake 43 km N of WL Potentially – RV park (need to confirm)
Quesnel Prince George 121 km 10%
Back up: Hixon 59 km N of Quesnel Potentially – RV park (need to confirm)

Extra notes:

McLeese Lake to Hixon = 136 km

Hixon to PG = 79 km

Day 1 – Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vancouver to Cache Creek (~346 km)

depart Chilliwack around 8pm (after work board meeting), arrive Cache Creek ~12-1am

Day 2 – Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cache Creek to PG (~454 km)

depart Cache Creek around 7am, arrive PG ~8-9pm if all goes exactly according to plan

Used ‘guesstimates’ of charge on arrival and charging time, based on distance, elevation, my experience with my LEAF and See how my actual route compares tomorrow!


One thought on “Vancouver to Prince George EV Road Trip”

  1. Hey Rebecca, great blog! I’m excited that a fellow northernite made the trip back north in their EV 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in the Koots next, cheers, Andrew


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