Importing a Nissan LEAF (US to Canada) – my experience

I imported my Nissan LEAF from the United States into Canada in the fall of 2014. These are the steps I took at that time. Requirements may have changed since then; please check into all of the steps yourself to confirm.

The day I picked up my LEAF (mine on left, poor parking job). Charging in Bellingham.

General Importation Steps:

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Background Research & Deciding to Buy an Electric Vehicle

I started a new job in late 2013. The new job, a fantastic career opportunity, was in Chilliwack. I lived in Vancouver, and my partner had a great job in downtown Vancouver.

Prior to starting the new job, I cycle commuted to my job in Richmond from Vancouver (and loved every minute of it) and before that, cycled to UBC. I had never owned a car in my life (though I have driven plenty, I will admit).

It’s a long story, but we ended up staying in Vancouver (we are in East Vancouver though, about 2 minutes from the highway) because that’s what made the most sense for us as a pair. To illustrate that I’m not completely crazy, the commute time from Vancouver to Chilliwack is about 55-60 minutes (and it’s 100 km). It’s certainly a long commute, but time-wise, isn’t totally outrageous.

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